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Our Philosophy


circuit board tree 


At Retrofix, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and design. We believe that updating and modifying vintage consoles should never be about slap mounted installations, but that the focus should be about the best fit within the design standards of the consoles themselves, and accepting no less than the best possible outcome.

Products should be made to last. Established in 2010; With years of experience specializing in vintage console modifications and repairs, we have seen first hand that this can only be achieved by using the appropriate quality tools, experienced workmanship and the highest quality genuine components.

Quality of design doesn’t always need to be complex; sometimes the simplest solution can be the best when coupled with experienced workmanship, precision and continuous development.

All of our Retrofix modified consoles are custom made to order. This is so that you, as a customer, not only get a product that's fresh from our stringent testing process but also get a personalized product that you have had involvement in customizing. We are always striving to add features and new custom options to select for our product range.

We also not only modify the products we sell but also fully refurbish them. When purchasing a Retrofix console, game or accessory you can be assured that every individual removable part; whether it be buttons, casings, seals or circuit boards, have all been stripped, cleaned and polished with a specific ABS plastic protectant by our dedicated restoration technician and will only ever be up to the Retrofix Standard.

Finally, at Retrofix we believe that follow-up support is not something you should fight for. We are a local Australian, family owned & operated business with no separate departments for you to get lost in. If you have any questions, concerns or require any further information whether it be prior or post purchase, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help out!


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